Our waterjet table is capable of making hundreds of parts a week from flanges to your custom designed cutout.

-Flow Mach 2 – 2031b
-FlowPath CAD/CAM Software with .dxf file conversion (AutoCAD compatible)
-High accuracy cutting to +/- 0.008 tolerance
-Cut envelope of 80 inches x 122 inches
-Superior smooth edge finish (no burrs/slag) with little to no cleanup required
-Materials up to 6 inches thick
-Narrow kerf allows tight nesting of parts for maximum production
-No heat affected zone – no thermal stress, annealing, hardening, etc.
-Short turnaround - we can cut your part(s) and get them to you in days or even hours.
-*We can even take a your picture and convert it to a cut-able program – ask us how!
-Prototype or production – no job to big or too small

Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Copper, Brass, Bronze,
Aluminum, Plastics, Rubber, Wood, Glass

Waterjet Contact:

Fred Baumgart : fbaumgart@pipingservice.com